Welcome to our re-launch!

It's been a long time coming, but our website is finally back up!

Due to a flood a while back at our previous provider, our site was taken down.  Unfortunately, in the process we discovered that all the backups were also damaged (due to such issues, our previous web hosting provider has since gone out of business).

We have been working for over a year to recover the data directly from the hard drives.  This isn't easy, because the data was striped across multiple drives.  This effort continues to go on.

For a while, we intended to hold off on re-launching the site until we had all the old data (or as much as we can get) recovered, to try and replicate the old site.  However, since this has taken much longer than expected, we decided to launch the site and restore the data as we can.

Sorry if the site seems pretty bare-bones to begin with, but we'll be adding more content and features as we go.

Again, welcome to our site, and thanks for visiting!

Ray W Keiser, Chief Editor